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If Disney Princesses Had Instagram [more here]

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Mega Monster Problems: Let's be honest.









Bratzillaz are flop. They are overpriced for what they are. Low quality, horrible hair and not even that great of fashions. Their prototypes are always so much better than the final product. and for the price of what they are you could get a monster high with nice saran hair over that cheap,…

LOL Flop troll is a flop. The first wave was all bad nylon, fair enough, but that’s where it ended. From that point on, Bratzillaz has consistently beat out MH in terms of quality (And design, but that goes without saying), whether the MH stans want to believe it or not. Easily-fixed nylon on some releases > Unfixable glue seepage on all released any day. I wouldn’t talk about shelf-warming if I were a MH stan either, because EVERY retailer, including discount chains like Marshall’s & TJ Maxx, is absolutely flooded with clearance ghouls. Nearly every MH product released within the past year, and some from even 2 years ago or more, can still be found everywhere. MH is only selling in areas where they get scalped. Scalpers are the only reason for the brand’s continued sales, point blank period. As for prototypes, yeah Bratzillaz will lose some details, because that’s how it works, but when compared to the MH changes from prototype to production, they might as well be identical. The only difference is that Mattel is a much larger company and can prevent most of their preliminary designs from leaking, but when they do, the final dolls are almost unrecognizable. The original designs for Sweet 1600 Draculaura, Genie Tragic Desert Ghoulz 13 Wishes Abbey, as well as the Party Lounge playset are all readily available online, and they prove how dumbed down the final product always is with MH. Please deary, do your homework and then try to rant on your fail blog :o)

In terms of quality and design? Are we talking about the same product here? Because last time I checked every bratzillaz doll is a witch with little differences from each other other than color schemes. Every monster high doll has a different face mold and many have different body molds. They all have interesting back stories and origins and all their clothing and accessories match with that, and bratzillaz are just…..witches with ugly low quality clothing, the same shoe molds and square looking knee joints.

And monster high clearance prices never go as low as bratzillaz. It’s like target desperately wants them out of their store pricing the clearance items sometimes as low as two dollars and some change. Eyes are their only good quality.

Bratzillaz’ clothes use REAL fabrics, are very well detailed, have far more effort put into the manufacturing of their clothing than MH, and most importantly, what they wear is actually based on what real people are wearing (With a slightly character-specific twist of course, but nowhere near the ridiculousness that is a MH outfit), and is interchangeable. You can’t re-dress a MH in any other characters’ outfits without it looking way off, and that is never a good thing in a fashion doll. All Monster High is capable of delivering as of late are BASIC pieces in BASIC textile printed with absolutely hideous, repetetive patterns that are then labeled as “edgy!!11” and fed to brainwashed stans who gladly eat it up. Oh and grossly detailed shoes and accessories that essentially look like blobs of plastic due to Mattel’s inability to paint anything. There is practically no variety in Monster High any more. Once you own one doll of a certain character, you own every single release of it. Mattel is fully acknowledging their lack of ideas too with all the re-releases coming out, some of which have already been re-issued within the past year even. Last I checked, a backstory and “origin” (Monster High’s origins are retooled MyScene artwork and Universal Monsters, but that’s a different story) has zero to do with design or quality, or anything relevant to fashion dolls. The only reason Monster High places so much emphasis on their storyline is because they know their designs are weak, as is their overal product quality. As a book series, I’m sure Monster High would beat out Bratzillaz no problem, but as fashion dolls, they really have no merit anymore. They continue to exist only for scalpers, children with no sense of style, and stans who ignorantly believe they’re still on-par with what they had in 2010-2011.

And the fact that you think Bratzillaz are the “only” toys to be on such low clearance during Target’s yearly fall reset clearance is honestly laughable, almost as laughable as you quoting the price of an accessory pack for your “evidence”. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m strolling by all the Sweet 1600’s, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Scaris, Power Ghouls, Dance Class, Roller Maze, Create-A-Monster, Clawdeen/Howleen sisters, Picture Day waves 1 & 2, Scary Tale shit, and countless beach packs from both Skull Shores and Gloom Beach that continue to collect dust on clearance at every Target store I visit. “It’s like target desperately wants them out of their store" That’s how a reset works. They need everything that isn’t new for fall out of their store, not just Bratzillaz. If they didn’t want the brand at all, they wouldn’t continue to order them. That should be obvious, but I guess not to a Monster High stan…

It’s funny how you continue to slam “monster high stans” as if you aren’t a Stan of bratz yourself. lol.

What’s truly funny is how I’d never deny it in the first place “lol”. And what’s even funnier is that you couldn’t even think of an on-topic argument to defend your faves L O L



Thank you Max ;3 They want more? Well I’ll give them more

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♛ You got me feeling so caught up but I’m loving all the crazy things you make me do ♛
She’s better than you.

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